Employee Benefits

Your employees count on you to seek advice from an experienced benefits consultant that can provide a comprehensive plan and then execute that plan. Our team helps design and implement the plan and continues to be available to you and your staff as needs arise.

You count on them to help your business grow, thrive, and ultimately succeed.

Simply put, when you want the best from the people you work with, you need to provide them with the best in return. Our experienced team understands the needs of employers and their employees; we bring our years of industry expertise to work for you.
Whether you have two employees or you are listed on the stock exchange, we want to work with you! Employee Benefits Coverages we offer include:

Group Health Insurance

Our benefits consultants will analyze your employee composition and design a benefits plan to suit your needs. The health insurance market continues to evolve each year with new reform and political influences. Our benefits consultants stay abreast of the current market and what is expected in the coming year.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment

This policy is designed to pay benefits to a beneficiary if the cause of death is an accident.

Short Term and Long Term Disability

Disability Income policies are complicated and require specific expertise to ensure that the terms and conditions are comprehensive. They are designed to provide income should someone become disabled. Not all disability policies are the same.

Group Dental & Vision Insurance

Similar to other group products, dental & vision coverage can be provided as part of a comprehensive health insurance program. We also offer stand alone  products that may be more suitable based on the employer’s health plan.

Group Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is part of our health department offerings and provided to companies with overseas travel for one-time events or frequent travel.

Executive Medical Reimbursement

These plans allow employers to provide additional medical benefits to executive who help grow and develop the business. Although these plans were utilized some years ago, the regulations governing the current viability of such plans for your company must be examined closely by our benefits consultants.

Voluntary Plans

Voluntary plans are yet another way to provide benefits to your employees at group rates without the need for employer contributions.

Individual Life products

We also offer a host of individual life and health products when the program offered by your employer isn’t enough or you no longer have access to employer plans.

Business Life Insurance and Business Disability Insurance-

Business life, often referred to as Key Person insurance, provides a benefit to the employer should a key person pass away. The benefit can be used to pay off business debt or pay the cost of an executive search for a replacement.

The same is true with business disability insurance. Should the principal of an agency become disabled and unable to run the business the benefit would be used to cover the business expense and/or a temporary substitute to fill the role of the principal.

Group Life Insurance

Premium Only Plans

Legal and ID Shield Plans

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